You're a runner; so are we. If you are like us, you like to run in all kinds of weather: hot, cold, humid, wet, and dry. The one consistent thing between all these runs is sweat and stink, especially our feet and shoes. It’s a problem for us and those around us. Raise your hands if you have ever left your smelly shoes on the front porch in fear of contaminating your house.

So why do my running shoes smell so badly? As we mentioned above, when you work out, you sweat, and do you know what likes a moist, warm environment? You guessed it, bacteria. Unfortunately, the nasty, odor-causing bacteria that accompany your sweat leave your shoes smelling like a Limberger cheese factory with a broken air conditioner. And to make things worse, the next time you don your favorite running shoes, the stink returns – faster and more robust.

So what can a man (or woman) do about this common and annoying "stinky shoe" problem? The answer is simple: grab a bottle of Nonaste Odor Eliminating spray. It can't be that simple, you say. Sure it is! Like our Nonaste Performance Laundry Detergent, our Odor Eliminating spray attacks bacteria, removing them from the hostile environment (your shoes). Once the bacteria is gone, so is the foul odor. 

How does it work? That, too, is easy. 

If you have new shoes, start using Nonaste Odor Eliminating spray to prevent bacteria from ever accumulating. In other words, be proactive, not reactive. 

If you have older shoes that have accumulated some miles, it's not too late. Follow these instructions, and you and your loved ones will live a happy stink-free life. 

  1. Make sure shoes are dry. 
  2. Remove your inserts.
  3. Hold Nonaste Odor Eliminating spray 6 inches from your shoes.
  4. Spray the inside and outside of your shoes and your inserts.
  5. Let them air dry
  6. Do the sniff test. If there is any lingering stink, spray again and let it dry.
  7. Put your inserts back in your shoes, and off you go.

Note: If your shoes are particularly raunchy, it may take a few applications to eliminate the smell. 

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