If you work out 3-5 days a week, your workout clothes will get gross and stinky. Even if you wash your clothes regularly, they probably still smell. There is a way, however, to wash your workout clothes that gets them clean and smelling like new. 

Most gym clothes and workout apparel use synthetic fabrics in manufacturing. While these materials are excellent for wicking sweat away from your body, they are horrible at "stink management." Odor-causing bacteria gets trapped between the tightly woven fibers, causing a stench traditional laundry detergent cannot remove.

Here are a few tips to remove the smell that accumulates workout after workout:

    1. Wash your workout clothes in cold water to prevent the odor from worsening. 
    2. Use a performance laundry detergent specifically made to lift and remove bacteria and odor from synthetic athletic apparel, such as  Nonaste High-Performance Laundry detergents. 
    3. If possible, you may also want to avoid the dryer. However, if you must use the dryer, use a low or no-heat setting to help maintain fabric integrity and keep your clothes smelling clean. 

Scientifically formulated Nonaste detergent for athletic wear penetrates synthetic clothing fibers and destroys the bacteria hiding in them. As a result, Nonaste leaves your gym clothes smelling fresh and clean. Regular detergents cannot do this. They can clean non-synthetic fibers like cotton but do not have the enzymes and surfactants to attack workout gear. Additionally, traditional laundry detergents leave behind a film, which further traps the funk it was incapable of removing. 

In summary, to have fresh-smelling, stink-free workout gear that lasts longer, follow these quick tips:

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