Performance athletic apparel endures our most strenuous workouts, so it's no surprise that it takes performance, scientifically-formulated detergent to keep it clean, fresh, and stink-free. Unfortunately, traditional detergents aren't up for the task. While "regular detergents work well for cotton and casual wear, they cannot effectively clean synthetic activewear. Here are four reasons why Nonaste High-Performance Laundry Detergent works better than traditional detergent for your beloved activewear.

  1. Traditional detergents can't break through the pH and bacteria. 
    Sweat changes the PH of your activewear and makes it more acidic. Most regular detergents aren't made to destroy the bacteria thriving in this acidic environment. We formulated Nonaste to precisely do that. It lifts and removes the bacteria caused by sweat, so the funky odor is gone from your activewear, restoring your clothing to its normal PH. 
  2. Traditional detergents can't penetrate synthetic fabrics.
    Most activewear today is made from technical, synthetic fabrics, which are extremely difficult to clean due to their chemical makeup and tight-knit fabrics. As a result, stink and funky odors linger in your workout clothes and activewear mainly because regular detergents cannot penetrate these tightly woven fabrics, where the bacteria are trapped. Once bacteria find their way deep into your workout gear, they will stay there and thrive unless you have a detergent that can find and destroy them. We created 
    Nonaste High-Performance Laundry Detergentsspecifically for this purpose – to penetrate activewear's synthetic fibers, remove odor-causing bacteria and the stink accompanying it, and restore fabric integrity. This allows you to focus on the important stuff – your next workout!
  3. Traditional detergents leave a residue behind.
    Because traditional detergents cannot remove bacteria (and stink) trapped in your workout gear, they attempt to cover up the smell with perfumes and leave behind a film, trapping the nasty bacteria and adding to the problem. In addition, the residual film accumulates wash after wash, making reaching and removing the trapped bacteria more difficult.
  4. Traditional detergents are destroying your activewear. 
    Let's face it; athletic wear isn't cheap! Leading sports and designer brands are all the rage. They are stylish and fit great. In addition, top athletic apparel companies use moisture-wicking (synthetic) materials that keep us dry and cool when exercising. Unfortunately, technical athletic apparel will stretch, fade, pill, and lose elasticity with each wash. Fortunately, Nonaste High-Performance Laundry Detergents are sulfate free with no harsh chemicals, which helps preserve and maintain the fabric integrity of your expensive clothing. Nonaste are good for your apparel, good for you, and good for the planet. 

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