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10% for Challenged Athletes

Supporting the athlete in all of us is the most important part of our mission. We are honored and committed to giving 10% of our net profits to The Challenged Athletes Foundation to help further the efforts of this extraordinary organization.

We Raised
The Bar.

We’ve taken things to a new level, making it even easier than ever to get the nasty out of your workout clothes and gear.

Our products solve nasty problems

Our products solve nasty problems


Destroys Nasty Odors. Keeps Fabrics Fit.

Nonaste high performance laundry detergent is scientifically formulated to lift and remove nasty odors and residue caused by sweat. It restores fabric integrity leaving a light, fresh, scent.
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Eliminates Nasty Odors.

Masks and eliminates odors completely.
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Cleans Nasty Hands.

Formulated with 80% isopropyl alcohol, destroys germs and leave your hands smelling delightful.
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We handle all the dirty work.

People sweat. It’s a fact of life. Whether you are running a marathon, doing yoga, or walking the dog, you’re gonna sweat and smell. These odors hide in your workout clothes and on your equipment and form bacteria. The nasty that comes along with bacteria wreaks havoc on your nose and other people’s noses around you. Nonaste doesn’t cover up odors, it eliminates them, while also restoring and refreshing your clothes and gear.

We just raised the bar.

Why Nonaste over the others? Nonaste is a complete proprietary scientifically formulated line of products to take nasty away. Built by a team of endurance athletes, yogis, and outdoor adventure seekers, we created a formula so advanced, even our entire team of sweaty stinkers is no match for Nonaste. Our products leave our clothes and gear squeaky clean and odor free.
Supporting the athlete in all of us

The Challenged Athletes Foundation empowers lives through sport. High costs of adaptive sports equipment and lack of resources should not keep individuals with physical challenges from being active.

See what our fans are saying.

What our fans are saying

My teenage kid plays Lacrosse – His gear is disgusting!  Thankfully the Nonaste Odor Eliminating Spray has finally done the trick – Thank you!

Sue L.

The funk is gone and my clothes still look like new! I have tried so many “sports detergent” but none of them have worked as well as Nonaste.

John W.

Best hand sanitizer ever! I love that your product has 80% alcohol. Love the smell and there is no residue!

Lynn B.

Finally a detergent that gets the sports apparel world. They keep my clothes looking and feeling like new and there is no odor left behind.

Mike C.