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8 Ways to Use Nonaste Odor Eliminating Spray

Goodbye, Stink: Conquer Odors with Nonaste Odor Eliminating Spray

Life gets funky when you’re crushing workouts and breaking a sweat. That sweat doesn’t just stick to you—it drips, puddles, and lingers, making everything around you reek. Sure, Nonaste Performance Laundry Detergent handles your clothes, but what about the rest? Enter the hero of our story: Nonaste Odor Eliminating Spray.

Think of this spray as your stink-busting sidekick. Just like our top-rated detergent, it’s scientifically formulated to banish the toughest odors from anything that can’t go in the washer. And it’s not just for your gym gear. Here’s a sneak peek at what it can do:

  • Kick odor out of your running shoes
  • Rescue your yoga mat from sweat stains
  • Make your gym bag smell like roses (or at least not like old socks)

Nonaste Odor Eliminating Spray is your secret weapon against all things smelly. Keep a bottle handy—you never know when the stink monster will strike next!

July 16, 2024
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Four reasons activewear needs special laundry detergent, and why regular detergents aren't working

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How to Get the Smell Out of Your Running Shoes…and Keep it Out!

How to Get the Smell Out of Your Running Shoes…and Keep it Out!

You're a runner; so are we. If you are like us, you like to run in all kinds of weather: hot, cold, humid, wet, and dry. The one consistent thing between all these runs is sweat and stink, especially our feet and shoes. It’s a problem for us and those around us. Raise your hands if you have ever left your smelly shoes on the front porch in fear of contaminating your house.
Female with smelly athletic apparel in gym after workout sweating

How to Keep Your Gym Clothes Fresh and Stink-Free.

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Why Does Your Activewear Stink, And What Can You Do About It?

Nonaste scientifically formulated laundry detergents lift and remove bacteria trapped in synthetic performance materials, and once the bacteria is gone, so is the smell. While traditional detergents work well for cotton garments, they don't cut the mustard with synthetic, man-made fibers used in today's activewear.