Meet our Naste team.

Created by active people for active people.

At Nonaste, we run, bike, swim, do yoga and have (smelly) kids who play sports. So basically, our lives stink! Because we like to sweat it out, our gear is full of sweat, funk, germs, and, you guessed it, stench. On the bright side, the "grossness" associated with our chosen activities served as motivation to create a best-in-industry line of products to help other active lifestyle enthusiasts live stink-free, germ-free lives.

Andy Voggenthaler

Andy brings expertise in brand/product development and strategic partnerships, having developed long-term licensing and business ventures for many blue-chip companies including General Motors, Nabisco, Hang Ten, DuPont-Teflon, Pebble Beach, and AIG. As an endurance athlete for over 25 years, including competing in the Ironman World Triathlon Championships in Kona, Hawaii, Andy has a passion for sport and giving back to the community. In 2012 Andy created a revolutionary company in endurance sports providing the only in-race first aid organization in the world caring for millions of people and saving lives. Check out Race Guards at: 

Jeurgen Stark

Juergen brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and guidance to Team Nonaste in an advisory capacity. The current CEO and Chairman of the board for Turtle Beach Corporation – the world’s leading gaming headset and audio accessory brand. Previously, Juergen served as the Chief Operating Officer of Motorola Mobility, a multi-billion-dollar mobile devices business, CEO of Centerpost Corporation, a technology company he co-founded, and principal with McKinsey & Company. Outside of work, you can find Juergen in the hot yoga studio, playing golf, road cycling, or piloting a Cirrus over the Southern Californian skies. 

Bill Reifsnyder

Bill brings over 30 years of active-lifestyle marketing experience to the Nonaste team. Bill spent five years in Germany working on Global Brand Marketing for Adidas Running and three years heading up sports marketing for the running category at Adidas America. He is the owner of VO2 Marketing and founder of Camp Runabout. Bill served as VP of Marketing for Boathouse Sports and G-Form. A former professional runner, he won the '89 and '91 National Marathon Championships, and was ranked second road racer in the world by Runner’s World in 1991. Bill still holds some of the fastest times ever run by an American for the 15K, 10-mile, half marathon, 20K, and 25K distances.

Jennifer Cardenas

Jennifer Cardenas

Jennifer brings over 20 years of experience in entertainment, tech, and streaming TV. Known for her innovative marketing campaigns, Jennifer has driven significant growth and engagement for top brands like Wurl, Ultimaker, Lifetime, and Showtime. She led the successful $430MM sale of Wurl to Applovin in 2021 and boosted Ultimaker's sales leads and brand awareness by 50% and 25%, respectively. Jennifer's expertise in B2B and B2C marketing, brand development, and strategic communications makes her an invaluable asset to Nonaste, where she is dedicated to enhancing our brand presence and driving our growth.