The Science


We have chemistry! It all comes out in the wash.

Synthetic athletic fabrics are awesome for wicking water away from your body but they hold in oil, dirt, and grime. This causes the nasty odors and funky smells.

Traditional detergents may work okay on natural fabrics but they don’t work well on moisture wicking athletic apparel. Those detergents are simply not formulated to lift and remove oil and residue from bacteria caused by sweat.

Nonaste is a proprietary scientific formula leveraging enzymes and environmentally friendly surfactants that lift and remove odors, oil, and grime including residue left behind from traditional detergents. Nonaste helps restore fabric integrity so it performs like new wash after wash.

Why does my workout apparel smell funky even after I wash it?

Activewear is made with synthetic fibers to keep you cool and to keep moisture away from your skin. As you sweat, oils, and bacteria form and get trapped in between the fabric fibers. Regular detergents don’t lift and remove these stinky elements they just wash over them with fragrance.

Nonaste High Performance Laundry Detergent is specifically formulated for synthetic fabric fibers to lift and remove all the nasty stuff you sweat out. Your clothes and gear come out of the wash completely clean and odor free.